About Us

The Marine Surveyors’ Association Inc was originally formed in the early 1990’s under the name “Small Ships Surveyors Association Inc,” to offer assistance to vessel owners and operators, as well as marine surveyors, throughout Australia. The MSA aims to improve the quality of marine surveying by promoting a sense of responsibility, and accountability to the community at large, in all its members and also to ensure that Australia’s marine safety objectives are achieved.

The MSA membership is Australia wide and every financial member has agreed to abide by the MSA Code of Conduct and has been assigned an individual membership number and a Class to indicate their level of competence and experience. The members share their knowledge and experience with other members so the MSA provides a conduit to the knowledge encapsulated within our members. We have strong membership standards so you can be assured that the conduct of your MSA registered marine surveyor, and the information you receive, will be to a sound professional standard. Whether you are looking for a general overview of the condition of a boat or a detailed, technical report, our members have the skills to meet your individual requirements.


The Marine Surveyors Association Inc is an Australian based self-funded, independent, organization and provides a register of Australian based independent and professional individuals who possess wide-ranging skills and appropriate experience in surveying recreational and commercial vessels mostly within Australia. It is the largest Australian national association of marine surveyors not linked to any retail businesses or overseas association

Our accreditation system, rules, constitution and ethics revolve around accountability, honesty, respect and our duty of care to every client and member of the public regardless of their position, stature or inexperience. Most of our members have based their marine surveying skills and knowledge on a period of time in a marine trade or profession. Marine surveying is a very broad and varied profession by nature so our members usually specialize depending on their specialist background.

By choosing to engage the services of an MSA professional and competent marine surveyor you can expect specialist services and conduct , unbiased opinions and reliable information based on facts, current Australian Standards, Local Government advice and Regulations, combined with the surveyors knowledge and experience.


We have Government Accredited Marine Surveyors within the association who can liaise with government departments on your behalf and assist with commercial vessel standards, Certificates of Compliance or commercial ship registration issues.

We trust you will enjoy the information and links provided on this website and feel free to contact the Association or provide feedback if you require a response.

Marine Surveyors Association Inc, serving members Australia wide